Calls for Proposals

The 24th CORNET Call for Proposals is closed. The next call opens in December 2017 and closes on 28 March 2018.

Twice a year CORNET issues Calls for Proposals for international Collective Research projects involving at least two different countries/regions. The calls follow a bottom-up approach: every topic that supports SMEs in their innovation efforts is welcome.

A CORNET project consortium consists of three pillars in each participating country/region:

1. SME organisation, association or cluster (depending on national structures),
2. research performer and
3. SME user committee with a minimum of 5 SMEs per country/region (the required number might be higher depending on national rules).

One of the participating countries needs to take the lead as project coordinator and has to submit the joint proposal within the stated deadline.

On the following pages, you will find detailed information about the CORNET application process, current proposal templates and project ideas you might want to join in.

>Application process

>Find a project partner

>Guidelines and templates

>Submission tool