Thomas More, BE
Project idea: Clear practice-oriented recommendations for the alternatives to synthetic gases, focusing on systems using natural refrigerants on the one hand and indirect cooling on the other


Solar-Institute Jülich, DE
Solar thermal systems, Energy Storage, Efficient building and plant technology, Intelligent energy supply systems
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Clir Renewables, CAN
Development of software that maximises the performance, profibility and lifespan of renewable power infrastructure (wind-farms, solar-farms)
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Ghent University, Department of Flow, Heat and Combustion Mechanics, BE
Project idea: Make your CHP more flexible by adding thermal energy storage


Project idea: Hybrid solar/thermal collectors including storage and advanced PVT modules for facades (low-carbon technologies for heating and cooling in buildings)

Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid & KIMW Research Company, DE
Surface and Coating Technologies, Process Development in Plastic Manufacturing and Mould Technology
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Food technologies – Nutrition and extraction, Packaging, Environment, Textile
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CRM Group – CEWAC Hydraulic Laboratory, BE

Environmental, Industrial and Medical Engineering
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Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering (IOB), RWTH Aachen, DE

High Temperature Flows in Metallurgical Melts, Industrial Furnace Technology, Energy and Mass Balances
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Institute for Process Control and Innovative Energy Conversion (PI), Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, DE

Low cost Phase Change Material, Thermical hydrolyses of biomass, Use of low temperature waste heat
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Institute of Technology and Life Sciences (ITP), PL

Bioenergy, Agricultural Engineering, Technology of rural sanitation, Water management and conservation of nature
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