Guidelines and Templates

To submit a CORNET proposal, download the following proposal templates, fill them in offline and upload them to the CORNET submission tool. Do not reuse the templates you might have downloaded for previous calls!

Download the complete proposal templates for the 23rd call as Zip-file


The Zip-file will include:
Guidelines for Applicants: 0_guidelines_cornet_23rd_call

Note: The guidelines have been changed since the 22nd call regarding the criteria for a resubmission (see section 5).

  1. Proposal Application Form: 1_proposal_application_form.doc
  2. Annex Dissemination Plan: 2_dissemination_plan.doc
  3. Annex Work Plan: 3_work_plan.xls
  4. Annex List SME Users Committee: 4_list_user_committee.doc
  5. Annex Letter of Intent: 5_loi_user_committee.doc
  6. Annex Declaration of Intention – Association: 6_doi_association.doc
  7. Annex Declaration of Intention – RTO: 7_doi_rto.doc
  8. Annex Draft Consortium Agreement: 8_consortium_agreement.doc
    (draft = adapted to proposal but without signatures)

Evaluation criteria

To find out about key criteria and aims for CORNET please take a look at the assessment guidelines (pdf) and evaluation form before you write your proposal. The CORNET evaluators will complete this evaluation report (pdf). Please note that the evaluation report is for your information only and not part of your application and therefore must not be submitted by applicants.