Organisational profiles

Every great idea needs partners to translate it into a CORNET project. We constantly receive new inquiries of organisations or research institutes who offer their expertise to the network. Please select your area of interest and get in touch with potential partners.

If you want to publish your organizational profile, then please fill out the respective profile_template and send it to the CORNET Coordination Office. We are happy to publish it on our website!

CRM Group – CEWAC Hydraulic Laboratory. Expertise offered in various fields such as Environmental, Industrial and Medical Engineering. Profile HydLab

Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences. Expertise offered for example in Computer Science, Automotive or Electrical Engineering. profile_ostfalia_pdf

Laboratory for Material and Joining Technology (University of Paderborn). Expertise offered for example in Mechanical Joining, Adhesive Bonding or Numerical Simulation. profile_LWF_Cornet

Materia Nova. Expertise offered in advanced and disruptive technologies. Projects in the field of new materials, multifunctional surfaces and energy, upscaling on pilot or industrial equipment. profile_materia_nova

University of Hasselt, Institute of Materials Research. Expertise offered in Applied and Analytical Chemistry. Study of advanced material systems, synergies between fundamental/basic research and applied research. uhasselt_imo_imomec

Damien Hubaux (CETIC, BE) - Organisational Profile

PI Institute for Process Control and Innovative Energy Conversio. Expertise offered e.g. in area monitoring in radiation exposed rooms or diagnostic radiology. 2016_06_03_profile_HelthandMedical

MedSilesia Cluster Sector/field of specialisation: health and medicine, telemedicine, smart hospitals, rehabilitation, surgery and orthopedic tools, diagnostic equipment, cardiology. Contact: Aleksandra Szczerbak, Download profile_GAPR_MedSilesia_Cluster_Coordinator v1

ABIMAS Center for Applied Biomedical Mass Spectrometry (Mannheim University of Applied Sciences).  Analytical Science for diagnostics and drug discovery (pdf_summary_ABIMAS Hopf) Contact: Prof. Dr. Carsten Hopf,

ITP – Institute of Technology and Life Sciences (Poland). Expertise offered in bioenergy, agricultural engineering, technology of rural sanitation, water management and conservation of nature. Organisational Profile ITP PI – Institute for Process Control and Innovative Energy Conversion. Expertise e.g. offered in Low cost Phase Change Material or use of low temperature waste hea. 2016_06_03_profile_EnvironmentandEnergy Carpathian Institute for eco-energy and IT, Foundation – organisation profile (pdf_summary_Carpathian). More information about the institute as pdf slide presentation to download: Presentation_Carpathian_Institute. Contact: Jarosław Kowalik, Baltic Cluster sEaNERGIA. Expertise offered for example in Ecology, Environment, Energy Efficiency, RES, Construction, ICT, Tourism, Eco-innovation. profile_seanergia_pdf

Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development Ltd. (GAPR.) Field of specialisation: e.g. consulting, specialist training, networking, cross cluster cooperation, start-up and SMEs support. Download profile_GAPR_MedSilesia_Cluster_Coordinator v1 Contact: Aleksandra Szczerbak, E-mail:

Michor Consulting & Trade Services Gmbh; Dr. Franz Hofer and Dr. Florian Tribl TriblMichor_Consulting_pdf