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You have an idea for an international collaboration project? You want to share your vision and find future project partners? Please fill out the respective template and send it to the CORNET Coordination Office. We are happy to publish it on our website!

In the following, you will find several project ideas from different Partnering Events and branches you might want to join in. In some presentations, the respective organisational profile and individual expertise are shown instead of a concrete project idea.

Below, you can browse for suitable partners and ideas!


Partnering Event: 31 January 2018 in Aachen

Please find in the following project presentations from our event in Aachen.

Sébastien Cajot (CELABOR, BE)Organisational Profile

Annemarie Auwerkerken (Better3fruit, BE) – Organisational profile

Werner Rohlfs (Institute for Power Electronics & Electrical Drives (ISEA) at RWTH Aachen, GER) – Defining optimised cooling requirements for products containing selected lithium-ion cells

Simon Binnemans (Thomas More University of Applied Sciences, BE) – Sustainable Cooling Systems

Jan Marek (Centre for the Development of Engineering Research VÚTS, CZ) – Organisational Profile

Alexander Neirinckx (University of Antwerp, BE) – Better understanding of materials through advanced characterisation supported by computer simulation of (nano)structures and their properties

Gregor Badel (University of Bayreuth, GER) – Integration of intelligent composite materials for resource-efficient factories

Günter Grodde/Herbert Rehms (Carit Automotive GmbH & Co. KG, GER) – Company Profile

Dr. Kerstin Gläser (Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft, GER) Organisational Profile

Tristan Debuigne (IXSANE, FR) – Company Profile

Prof. Stefan Meyer-Miethke (Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK), GER) Development of an App which facilitates planning and building processes

Guillaume Wégria (Fyteko – Innovation in agriculture, BE) – Development of innovative Agricultural Mulch films with smart release of Novel Plant Bioactives

Partnering Event: 19 October 2017 in Brussels

Please find in the following project presentations from our event in Brussels.

Dr. Gerold Aschinger (IN-VISION Digital Imaging Optics GmbH, GER) – IN-VISION Custom engineering of optomechantronical systems

Bernhard J. Dringenberg (BJD~analytics, GER) – Small Steps – Great Success

Prof. Gunther Steenackers (University of Antwerp, Faculty of Applied Engineering, BE) – Smart Integration of Numerical modeling with Thermal inspection

Denis Vandormael (SIRRIS, BE) – Innovative tools for fast-response and high-quality molding

Timo De Mets (Belgian Building Research Institute, BE) Towards reliable internal insulation of existing solid walls

Dr. Diana Reich (Technical University Berlin, Department of Industrial Information Technology, GER) – Presentation of the division virtual product creation and the department industrial information technology

Victor R. de la Rosa (ULTROXA Polymers, Ghent University, BE) – Poly(2-oxazoline)s: the versatile polymer platform

Partnering Event: 31 January 2017 in Aachen

Please find in the following project presentations from our event in Aachen.

Dr. Dirk Drees (Falex Tribology, BE) – Efficient durability testing – a wear institute

Konstantin Gorchakov (KRAFTONWEG OY, FIN) – α-β Tantalum and intermetallic Coatings of 50-100 microns by PVD Droplets Method

Kerstin Gläser (Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft für angewandte Forschung e.V., DE) – Organisation Profile

Dr. Martin Schädel (CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik GmbH, De) – MOEMS IR-technologies and components

Christian Schwotzer (RWTH Aachen University, Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering, DE) – Organisation Profile

Hervé Brequel (Centre Terre et Pierre (CTP), BE) – Organisation Profile

Mikhail Treyvish (UCA OmniGrade, RUS) – OmniGrade: universal crowdsourcing platform for solving the most complicated business and technological issues

Partnering Event: 24 November 2016 in Prague

Please find in the following project presentations from our event in Prague.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Annett Dorner-Reisel (Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences) – Overview of project and cooperation interests

Partnering Event: 2 June 2016 in Berlin

Please find in the following all given presentations from our event in Berlin.

Jacques Halleux (Sirris, Research Center of the Technological Industry in Belgium) 6 project ideas around materials & production technologies Halleux_Sirris_project ideas_22e CORNET call_Berlin_160602_comp

Barbara De Mena/Tatevik Babayan (abc GmbH – advanced biomass concepts) – Organisation Profile and Business Fields Babayan_160530 abc GmbH – short profile

Ninon Piacere (CELABOR Scrl) – Overview of CELABOR’s research fields and capabilities Piacere_Partening Event-CELABOR

Jan Marek (VÚTS) Organisation Profile Marek_VUTS – company presentation, ENG short


Project ideas from previous events or ideas that reached our network independently

A lot of interesting project ideas are waiting for you to join in. Please download the pitches you are interested in as pdf file and get in touch with the contact person of the project.

Dr. Martin Trinker (acib GmbH) – The Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology) 1_Trinker_acip_pdf

Prof. Dr. Iris Cornet (University of Antwerp, BE) –PROVACID – Plant roots valorisation to high value-added products

Dr. Tomasz Dudziak (Foundry Research Institute (FRI) Krakow, Poland) – RECCOAT – Innovative recycled based high temperature and railway pillar protection coatings

Guy Baret (LUXOL) – Smart grid and energy storage (01_Baret_LUXOL photovoltaics), (02_Baret_SOREA_Maurienne) (published 01/16)

Jacques Halleux (Sirris, Research Center of the Technological Industry in Belgium) – Materials Engineering with plastics and metals Halleux_SIRRIS_pdf (published 12/15)

Prof. Dr. Jan Jürjens (Fraunhofer ISST) - The Industrial Data Space: Opportunities for European R&D projects (13_Juerjens_ISST) (published 01/16)

Dr. Bianka Kühne (Flanders‘ FOOD) - Innovation Platform for Flemish Agro-Food Companies (17_Kuehne_FlandersFOOD) (published 01/16)

Farshad Goodarzi Boroojeni (Institute of Animal Nutrition, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Freie Universität Berlin) - Innovative processing technology of rapeseed products for poultry nutrition (ProRapeSeed) Boroojeni_AIF TAG - ProRapeSeed

Stefan Kirschbaum (GFaI) – From Science to Application with the TOP-Energy Software Framework 8_Kirschbaum (published 11/17)

Hervé Bréquel (Centre Terre et Pierre (CTP)) - Industrial Mineral and Plastic Reverse Processing (19_Brequel_CTP) (published 01/16)

Dr. Tomasz Dudziak (Foundry Research Institute FRI) Krakow, Poland – RECCOAT – Innovative recycled based high temperature and railway pillar protection coatings


Describe your personal project in a few words using our template cornet_project_idea.doc and send it via e-mail to We will publish your idea on our website and spread it through our channels.

If your organisation is generally interested in being part of a CORNET project, you are invited to send your organisation profile by e-mail to your CORNET partner or the CORNET Coordination Office using this template Oranisational_profile.doc.

Please note that CORNET is not responsible for the content of these documents. The project ideas are not checked for compliance with CORNET criteria, so your chances for funding within CORNET are not influenced by publishing a presentation.