Success Story: CORNET project SurfParquet

In: CORNET projects 23rd May 2019

Parquet is getting more and more competition from other floor coverings like laminate. The Austrian-German CORNET project "SurfParquet" makes wooden floors with distinctive surface features more resistant to wear and tear through innovative coating.

Success Story: CORNET project ProLegu

In: CORNET projects 17th January 2019

In Europe, there is an urgent need for domestic proteins to be used in the nutrition of food-producing animals. A Polish-German project crew established innovative protein products from sustainably grown peas as alternatives for imported soybean meal in poultry nutrition.

Success Story: CORNET project DynaTool

In: CORNET projects, Network News 8th November 2018

Milling and machining operations for steel and hardened steel parts are getting more and more complex, which poses significant challenges in manufacturing. The international CORNET project DynaTool addresses this issue by focusing on state of the art “Industry 4.0” solutions.