Success Story: CORNET project SaliChem

In: CORNET projects 7th June 2017

2,000 square metres of farmland is being destroyed everyday worldwide due to salination. The German-Wallonian CORNET project SaliChem focused on solving this problem by doing research on the use of salt-tolerant plants which help to generate energy.

Success Story: CORNET project SELECTPERM

In: CORNET projects 12th April 2017

The CORNET project SELECTPERM focused on the development of a cost-effective, environmentally friendly package that is selectively permeable to oxygen and carbon dioxide. Belgium, Poland and Germany collaborated in this project.

Success Story: CORNET project Opti-WCR

In: CORNET projects 22nd February 2017

The CORNET project Opti-WCR identifies the gap in know-how about refractory castables and focused on the influence of the water-to-cement-ratio on processing steps like setting, drying and heating-up performance.