Partnering Event in the heart of Europe

In: Events, Network News, News 24th October 2017

On 19 October, people from all over Europe came to Brussels in order to participate in the latest international CORNET and IraSME Partnering Event. Participants had the opportunity to pitch their project ideas and to meet future project partners in person.

EARTO Innovation Awards 2017

In: Network News, News 12th October 2017

The EARTO jury has decided: The EARTO Innovation Awards 2017 went to Fraunhofer and Tecnalia. A brochure with all nominated projects has been recently published also presenting the German-Austrian CORNET project SteriScope on page 23 (category: “Impact Expected”).

24th Call closed: Number of proposals stable

In: Network News, News 27th September 2017

The 24th Call for Proposals closed on 27 September 2017. The number of proposals submitted by applicants from various countries and regions has remained stable. Project proposals were also submitted in cooperation with Québec and Japan which recently joined CORNET.