Calls for digitizing SMEs – deadline 30 Nov

In: Network News 25th September 2019

CORNET’s objective is to boost SME’s business by supporting them in their innovation efforts. Similar objectives has the EU-funded initiative TETRAMAX: its mission is to boost innovation for SMEs in search of leading-edge digital technologies and solutions. TETRAMAX provides …

24 Proposals submitted in 28th CORNET Call

In: Network News 25th September 2019

The 28th Call for Proposals closed on 25 September 2019. The number of proposals submitted by applicants from various countries and regions has increased with 24 receipts in total.

Thematically, the international research projects range, among others, from sustainable …

Do´s and Don´ts when applying for funding

In: Network News 11th September 2019

While you are working on your proposal, we suggest that you take a minute and read this article to get some handy tips about the things you should and shouldn´t do when applying.


  • Make sure your project idea follows